New Console Sales Numbers

Well this is something I really hadn't expected - it looks like the console sales numbers shifted around quite a bit for the week before Christmas. As Cinescape reports from Credit Suisse First Bank's numbers:
Sales data for the week before Christmas is in and while the Playstation 2 kept its head above the GameCube and Xbox, the most dominant system was Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

For the period of December 16th-22nd, 636,000 Game Boy Advances, 596,000 Playstation 2s, 259,000 GameCubes, and 165,000 Xbox units were sold. The Xbox still leads GameCube in overall sales though, 1.3 Million to 1.2 Million.

Wow. The last sales numbers I read had XBox just trailing the PS2. I wonder if that was mostly due to availability or what? It wuold be interesting to know how many of each console are actually in the retail channels now.