Metroid Prime Details

By Steve Gibson, Dec 19, 2001 9:52am PST Some more details on Metroid Prime (Say hi Jack!) have surfaced in the recent issue of Nintendo Power. Along with a couple of shots that are scanned in the ball mode is revealed which is in 3rd person mode. Some other shots came out earlier.

The screenshot appears to be real-time showing off absolutely stunning visuals featuring reflection maps, moody lighting, and nice particle effects. It's set on what appears to be the interior of a ship

For those of you living in a cave with your wife who hasnt heard of LOTR, Metroid is being developed here in Austin by Retro Studios and is going to be a FPS game. Quite the departure from the sidescroller roots of all the previous Metroid titles.

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  • I really think this game should be a 3rd person shooter. It's quite a jump to go from an entire legacy of 2D side-scrollers, to a first-person game. Half the fun in the game is getting cool upgrades to Samus' suit... like that dash attack in the SNES version, or the wall-jumping... but how are you going to see all this cool stuff in first person mode? I want to see Samus jump around and dodge stuff :(

    I guess you can switch to 3rd person view when you engage a certain suit upgrade (like the ball)... but I still want to see Samus move around in 3rd person. Oh well.

    I just hope the gameplay is good... I hope it's similar to the other Metroid games, in that there is a huge huge map to go around on, and you go from one end of the map to the other... often back tracking and going back to areas when you get a new piece of equipment or weapon. I hope the game isn't some stupid linear FPS game... where you go from one level to the next, finding keys and killing a boss or two. *sigh*