GameCube Sales #s

Nintendo is the first one out of the gate announcing some kind of sales figures for the GameCube. They stunned quite a few people with the number of just under $100million in sales for Sunday. Beating out Harry Potter they say for raw $ numbers. Of course GameCube's are $200 a pop as opposed to the $5 to $10 most people pay for movies. An IGN story quotes a Nintendo rep saying   "It's over what we think Microsoft's allocation was".

No word yet from Microsoft on what their sales figures were. Also Nintendo declined to say how many units were sold. The top selling games were Luigi's Mansion and Rogue Leader as expected.

Update: Goldman Sachs did a survey among U.S. retailers in big cities, and so far 73% had sold out of the Xbox and 47% out of the Gamecube. Microsoft shipped an estimated 300,000 Xbox consoles around the nation, while Nintendo delivered some 700,000.