GameCube Launch Today

Well, today is launch day for the GameCube system from Nintendo. We'll most likely see a few reviews / impressions showing up today and a mad rush of them showing up tomorrow. The Cube is $100 cheaper than the XBox or Playstation2 at launch, but honestly from my perspective doesnt really have a very strong launch title lineup with the exception of Tony Hawk 3. (Which rocks). I dont think I'll be going out to get one just yet, but when Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and Soul Calibur 2 all get closer... well it'll be time to reconsider.  Here's my oh so accurate predictions of how the games will go:

- Tony Hawk 3 - rocks
- Rogue Leader - good, pretty...
- Luigi's Mansion - mixed, average
- Super Monkey Ball - mixed, good for friends/groups
- Wave Race - N64 rehash, not much new
- Madden 2002 - No idea.
- Future releases list

note: If you get a GameCube, feel free to post your impressions/reviews of games in the comments. Will pick through them at the end of the day and highlight the good ones for the Monday morning update. Thanks for the idea tomservo :)