Got An X-Box? Looking For One?

By Jack Mathews, Nov 15, 2001 8:43am PST No comments from me on the X Box stuff really, since my bias seems to rile people up. I'm just mostly starting this story for two reasons...

One - To gauge peoples' impressions of the X Box and the games from the people who have bought it and...
Two - To gauge the availablity. After all of those rumors of X Box shortages, are they panning out to be true? Impossible to find? Are people getting their preorders. Then click the comments and let everyone know. Other launch chatting can still be done here.

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  • A few comments on the XBox launch.

    #397, Dead or Alive 3 has much more fluid animation than Tekken 3. The proof is in the coordination between characters on throws, counterthrows, and holds. The balance, weight distribution, center of gravity, and points of contact all feel right. The Tekken series feels ludicrous and sloppy by comparison. Tekken hides sloppy contacts with speed of fighting. The only thing that even comes remotely close was the Japanese import of Tobal No. 2 (never released stateside). The animation in DOA3 is much more complex than anything I've seen in any other 3D fighting game. Lots of interlocking animations either between two characters or between a character and the environment. DOA3 also has some of the most gorgeous environments I've seen on any system.

    Halo, is a great FPS. I'm sure it isn't the best looking FPS. That's okay. It looks good. More importantly it plays really well. Very good Team AI for both friends and foes and the warthog (jeep) is a great addition. It pulls you into the story in just the right ways. Felt like Goldeneye and Half-life all over again. More fun than most PC shooters I've played recently. And I love the 2 player coop adveture mode. More games need this!

    I can heartily recommmend that anyone who plays on an XBox controller either buy a MadCatz controller or import a Japanese XBox controller when they're released. The Interact controller is a piece of crap. It's even bigger than the MS XBox controller, and the joystick isn't as sensitive. The Mad Catz controller is just a bit smaller than the standard controller and has better button placement. The japanesee MS controller feels like the American XBox controller crossed with the gamecube controller. It has easier to raech buttons that are in a better configuration and the overall size is much smaller. Been using one at work with Halo and it feels sooo much better.

    Games I'm looking forward to on the XBox: Wreckless (aka Double Steal), Have a Mice Day, Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2&3.

    And yes I'm platform agnostic. I've been playing a lot of GTA3, Ico, and Devil May Cry on the PS2. I'm looking forward to Rogue Leader, Pikmin, and Super Mionkey Ball on the Cube. And I'll probably pick up AvP2 on the PC.

  • Ok, I'm tired and have to go to work in 6 hours. But let me say (as if it NEEDS to be said) Halo is downright the funnest FPS I've EVER played. I logged about 6 hours tonight and just finished up the 2 sections with the Scorpion tank. Kids, if you think driving the jeep around is fun, it doesnt have a THING on the tank. My god. Maybe I'll post a full review later (graphics, physics, ai, sound etc).

    One thing is for sure, I SHUDDER imagining this thing on on a athlon 1800XP + Ti500 calibre card or higher. Make no mistake you'll need one hell of a NINJA graphics card to get these kind of visuals at 1024x768. Bump mapping should be a REQUISITE for shooters from now on. Fabulous. Thinking about playing CTF or something on some of the actual SP levels makes me weep with excitement.