XBox Launch Day

By Steve Gibson, Nov 15, 2001 3:06am PST So it's XBox launch day! Supposedly you'll be able to go to your favorite toy or electronics store today and pick yourself up one of these newfangled console machines brought to us by our friends at Microsoft. There was a big launch event thingy at 12:01 this morning over in NYC although I dont see any updates on the XBox website about it. Here are some pics at TeamXBox. Places to see lots of coverage and game previews/reviews:

Click to enlarge- TeamXbox
- FiringSquad
- GameSpy
- ZDNet
- GameSpot
- Misc coverage: CBS Marketwatch , Yahoo (more and more)

I actually took a trip down to the local store the other day and played some more Halo. Making a couple other little kids cry by hogging the machine wasnt so bad... Anyways I dug it. It kept my interest and I only wanted to throw the controller about 3 times. Not bad for a FPS on a console. At least in the beginning of the game it seems pretty heavily story driven which was cool. No idea if that lasts through the entire game or not.

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  • Why I'm buying an XBox
    by BulletPro, Shacker since 1999.

    It's a great day to be a gamer. We've got 1.5 GHz Athlons, 3rd generation GPU's by NVidia, and 256MB sticks of 266 MHz DDR Ram that's cheaper than Hookers in Harlem. Oh, and Win2k/XP takes 90% of the "suck" rating away from Windows. But that's not it, we've also got 3 legitimate choices in the console arena.

    Back in the day, consoles were 100% of my gaming experience. But, that fateful day I got a 486/33 12mb ram box for Christmas changed that. I vary, but overall I'd bet I split my time 60/40 between PC and consoles. But not lately.

    PS2's horribly fucked up launch caused more frustration than it was worth, and by the time PS2's starting staying on shelves I was busy playing some hot PC titles. Red Alert 2, Diablo II, Tribes 2, Operation Flashpoint, and a purchase of an Act-Labs Force RS wheel meant I had to burn time in Nascar 4, Colin McRae2, and Rally Championship. So, I really didn't miss the PS2 since a game or two of Crazy Taxi and NFL 2k1 on the DC was more than enough. It was a good ~10 months to own a fast PC.

    So, here I am on 11/15/01. I've winding down on Stronghold (hella fun, but too easy!) and I'm letting the urge for some console football get to me. It's hard to avenge a Packers loss to the Vikings if NFL 2k1's rosters aren't even close! So, I must get a console. Now.

    I'm going to buy an XBox. Sure, if I finally bought the object of my frustration, the PS2, I'd have a huge number of titles to pick from. Devil May Cry, GT3, GTA3, MGS2, NFL 2k2 or Madden, and a cubic boatload more.

    If I got all those my bank account would cry. And my fiancee would whip my ass. Anyway...

    I'm buying an XBox. Why? Because I'm not into volume purchasing. I want a few good games that can occupy my time for hours on end. I want something with power to spare. And despite owning all the other ones, I don't want Pokemon-flavored Zelda. I hate you Nintendo!

    So, when I buy an XBox, I can pick up Halo. I can play through it and love it and hate it at the same time like everyone else. A month later or so I'll buy a football game. Around Christmas the relatives will all come over and we'll switch from N64 Bond to Halo. But, after that, guess what? The PC picks up. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Ghost Recon (which will have to wait, dammit), and *gasp* Duke Nukem Forever, and I'm sure I'm missing some.

    To sum it up, I'm buying an XBox because I want a few quality titles, cause that's all the console budget has room for. If all I had were a p2 233 and a console, that console would be the PS2. But I didn't build a box containing an AthlonXP 1700, kt266a, and 512mb ddr so I could spend all my money on console games. I'm betting that most of the games I'll buy will be around for both PS2 and XBox, and my hunch is that they'll look better on an XBox.

    That is all, please return to your regularly scheduled programming.

  • how does xbox = for white trash rednecks

    whoever said that.

    and i'm not defending it. i dont like it very much, it does look pretty rad though.

    this kid came up to me third period and hes like "its been out for 10 and 1/2 hours!!!!"and i said "what" and he said "THE BOX!" and i thought to myself your a fucking moron, so i said that.

    and we got into big discussion about why xbox was better than ps2, and the only reason he had was the graphics were better, and i said but its gameplay that matters and he said no.