Deus Ex 2 Project Update

Planet Deus Ex has posted the first Deus Ex 2 development update, where project leader Harvey Smith finally tells us some more about the game. Harvey talks some about the current status of the project and what they have been working on, and then talks about the game itself. You can't really miss this if you are looking forward to Deus Ex 2.

From an RPG character standpoint, we've planned more character-building choices (the player-character can be optionally male or female), we've unified some of the game systems and added some interesting player-character capabilities. We feel like we now have a much clearer idea about which aspects of DX1 were important to players, what worked well and what didn't.
The game environment itself in DX2 is something that has us completely excited. Our plans include a higher-fidelity world, with weather, greater object density, more capable (and clearer) unit behaviors and a deeper physics/object-interaction simulation.