Deus Ex 2 Project Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 13, 2001 3:34pm PST Planet Deus Ex has posted the first Deus Ex 2 development update, where project leader Harvey Smith finally tells us some more about the game. Harvey talks some about the current status of the project and what they have been working on, and then talks about the game itself. You can't really miss this if you are looking forward to Deus Ex 2.

From an RPG character standpoint, we've planned more character-building choices (the player-character can be optionally male or female), we've unified some of the game systems and added some interesting player-character capabilities. We feel like we now have a much clearer idea about which aspects of DX1 were important to players, what worked well and what didn't.
The game environment itself in DX2 is something that has us completely excited. Our plans include a higher-fidelity world, with weather, greater object density, more capable (and clearer) unit behaviors and a deeper physics/object-interaction simulation.

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  • Wow, after reading this I'm very excited for the game. I hope they don't go overboard on this though. DX1 was such a great game, I don't want the development team to go "Well DX1 was good, but we can do sooo much better" because I don't think you can make things a lot better. Granted, some aspects could use improving, but I hope they don't change too much.

    It sounds like they have the right idea though. Deus Ex had a very strong story, which I enjoyed and completely fell into. The environments were very realistic, and the soundtrack fit the game perfectly. I hope they can produce another sound score that compliments the next game as much as the first.

    Really the only thing I would like to see improved is engine performance (that's almost guaranteed though) and a better Ai. I remember killing divers in one mission then taking their bodies under an underwater bridge. That way, they floated up and were blocked from rising higher by the bridge, and they stayed underwater. All this effort just no nothing would spot them on the surface. Thinking about it now, though, I don't think anything would've happened...and in DX2-something should. Other than that, I suppose a GHOUL like system would be nice. Actually seeing damage on a person instead of just blood spurts.

    More options in completing and going through missions is always welcome, though should still be straightforward enough to figure out.

    And lastly, I really really want another strong and "keeps you guessing" kind of storyline. Having a game with one goal and one purpose gets boring. When there are multiple sides to a story, you find yourself asking which one you would choose if you were in the game, and that makes you more involved as a player. I questioned whether Paul was insane or a good guy, whether UNATCO was right or wrong, whether Maggie Chen was on my side or not, whether Tong was good, I didn't like the illuminati guy either. So much character interraction and development (which was present in DX1) models real life and makes the game more immersive. More of that would be appreciated.

    Dinner time.