Quake4 Wish List

3DAP has a little piece listing off the top10 things they would like to see in Quake4 which of course leads to the little morning discussion. What would you like to see? Given that it's already been stated by Raven that Quake4 will be set in the Quake2 universe... How close to that universe should the game stick? Am I the only one who wasnt really aware of a story in Quake2? Ah well here's a few things I'd like to see:

- If you must have ladders, make them not suck. (Impossible in an FPS?)
- Boobies and Monster Trucks
- If I shoot a guy with a teeny pistol, try not tl let him do that back flip death animation?
- Keys, crates, and jump puzzles..

Ok.. I cant really come up with what else I'd like to see in Quake4. There are no specific nitpicks that can really dictate if a game is fun as a whole... and really that's all I care about. Make Quake4 fun, thanks!