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By Steve Gibson, Oct 08, 2001 6:09am PDT 3DAP has a little piece listing off the top10 things they would like to see in Quake4 which of course leads to the little morning discussion. What would you like to see? Given that it's already been stated by Raven that Quake4 will be set in the Quake2 universe... How close to that universe should the game stick? Am I the only one who wasnt really aware of a story in Quake2? Ah well here's a few things I'd like to see:

- If you must have ladders, make them not suck. (Impossible in an FPS?)
- Boobies and Monster Trucks
- If I shoot a guy with a teeny pistol, try not tl let him do that back flip death animation?
- Keys, crates, and jump puzzles..

Ok.. I cant really come up with what else I'd like to see in Quake4. There are no specific nitpicks that can really dictate if a game is fun as a whole... and really that's all I care about. Make Quake4 fun, thanks!

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  • Incorporate elements of all three previous games in the series. That's it.

    Focus on a patch free game, (you'll have time, right, before q4 2002?) more than silly speed features and catering to various fanboys. Q2 and Q3 really turned me off with incompatibilities, inconsistencies in versions, beta mods that discouraged the newbies (like them or not it's better to have lots of newbs than a select elite group of hardcore gamers)

    Oh, and Raven art and storyline is amongst my favorite out there. Hexen II got me into fps's like no other game out there...before the egyptian theme was overused.... HII also had a kick ass soundtrack that I would often pop into my stereo... that is well worth the money right there...


  • Well, if they go 'sneaking around, find key, open door, maybe shoot bad guys' then you can go with silent weapons, knife, bandaging, slowing the game down. suspense, good sounds etc. Otherwise its full blown action, in your face weapons, conversion gun (hits wall then explodes back towards you), plasma weapons, 'Eraser' type railgun, mass enemies, run'n'gun style gameplay, loud soundtrack, pumping beats etc...

    dethmatch can be slow/tactical, and/or fast/accuracy based. If they make it so we shackers like it they will sell maybe a few thousand copies. if little jenny smith wants a copy then it better have at LEAST 6 levels of difficulty, and what you guys think is 'nightmare', is just medium for us experienced gamers. maybe even a whole 'unlock the hardcore weapons' feature?!


  • 1] Better netcode! Non of the shitty prediction and netcode that only feels nice with sub 60 ms. If you must interpolate make it only for the projectiles. And for the love of god sync weapon sounds with actual firing.

    2] Projectile actually comes out in front of the weapon. Also have a clear animation when the model is firing. I hate magic rockets appearing a player length in front and having no visual feedback that enemy is firing.

    3] Nice architecture but since its based on Q2 I don't see that happening. Oh no jump pads. Use stairs.

    4] A new weapon that everyone will dig.

    5] Make FFA fun again. Larger maps with secrets n shit.

    Would say more but i'm pretty sure it will be the same old thing. Too risky for them to deviate. I would rather see something new and original with an id engine.