Creature Isle Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 07, 2001 12:18pm PDT

The Black & White site has been updated with a Creature Isle movie showing off some footage from the upcoming Black & White expansion. It's a small 2.2mb Quicktime movie. Thanks Blues News.

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  • I really wish Molyneux would consider working in conjunction with another high profile lead designer. He has brilliant ideas, and fantastic ways of making mundane tasks exciting. But every game he makes has no direction or progression to tie it into an all round experiance worth playing. Every game he touches suffers from the sandbox effect, once you've played with all the toys in the sand box you dont wanna sit in it for 20 hours until the end.
    I think if we had another designer along side with him, who has the balls to stand up to him they could create something really brilliant.

    Much in the way Romero needs a more solid figure, like carmack for example, in order to create something really special. inverlsey the solid figure, also needs the creative free form person to bring that special something to the games, thats why most of Id's games arn't so fantastic now.