Max Payne Demo Tomorrow

by Steve Gibson, Sep 04, 2001 4:45pm PDT
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Another .plan update from Joe Siegler at 3DRealms announces that the Max Payne playable demo will be released tomorrow now for sure. Not much in the ways of details on the content but I recall seeing a mention of it including two separate areas from the game.

Folks, the Max Payne demo will be coming out tomorrow. I'm currently in prep for it - talking to several locations where you'll be able to download it from. Full details will be posted tomorrow, but I've already got some lined up overseas, so you folks who aren't in the states should have a better response time when downloading.  The file size will be 137,163,202. Will have another update tomorrow when it's released. You can also keep an eye out on the 3DR main site for the download locations tomorrow. :) If you are willing to mirror the file (especially if you're a non US FTP site), please drop me a line, and I'll email you back with details.


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