Red Faction Multiplayer Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 15, 2001 4:07pm PDT

Following the release of the single player demo a few days ago, Volition have now released a multiplayer "test" of their FPS Red Faction. You can grab this 44.5mb download from Blues News. The multiplayer test includes 2 DM levels and 1 CTF level, all 3 for up to 16 players.

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  • I played it for about 45 minutes. While I like the single player game well enough, the multiplayer in its current state is a letdown.

    First off, it's slow as hell. I'd just come from playing Q1, and RF was like Quake with its legs broken and its feet tied to cement. Slow. Slow like George W. Bush. FPS games keep sinking to the level of the fumbling newbie; all this needs is bullet time so that the poor-of-aim can have an extra minute to line up the crosshairs. Rating: D-

    The weapons were ok at best. The 'railgun' has an interesting infrared heat detector when you're in scope mode, allowing you to track people behind walls. Cool, but reload times take forever. The rocket launcher sucks, slow and weak. The shotgun sucks, and although the auto-shotgun had a decent alternative fire feature, it carries far too little ammo. The automatic rifle was just barely ok. Weapon switching times dragged on and on, just like the game itself. Rating: C-

    Level design reminded me of the blockiness of Q2, with some of the pointless reflective surface textures used to gussy up Q3. One level was terribly banal, just a box with ramps, the other had more complexity with a small bit of vertical action (yet horrible connectivity, taking you forever to reach other parts of the map). The Geo mod stuff proved interesting in opening up new pathways here and there, yet it also seemed to drag frame rate down as the level became perforated. The best part of Geo mod is probably the aesthetic aspect, making DM levels look like there is actually a firefight going on. Rating: C

    Competitive/fun value? Minimal. Partly that's due to the inadequacy of the weapons and partly to the netcode, which seemed unresponsive even with a 100 ping. Red Faction multiplayer underscores what too many gamers take for granted: making a good online FPS is very, very hard. Making a mediocre one is just a matter of funding. Overall rating: C-

  • I really think Volition has a winner on their hands, combining the best of both worlds I really think they do. I saw a few comparisons to UT but I tend to think of this as a better version of nerf arena, or not. I don't really think you can compare it to UT though, I mean you can if you want but you're just stupid. You can also compare cock to brains and realize how right that is. I just got done playing a game on a few different servers including a few games with the guys from Volition. They were really nice asking about FPS problems and giving tips on how to increase performance, even though they were simple tips they took peoples constructive criticism very well. Mind you I'm playing on a 266 8MB Rage card getting ~5 FPS it was still very fun. From what I've seen of the insanely fun single player and the can't miss multiplayer I think this game very well might be the next big thing. It's too bad it's coming out around all the other big "can't miss shooters of the millenium, like max payne and putt putt goes to the beach". I don't remember the last time I shot a rocket through a window saw it shatter, hit another window, shatter it and then hit a wall taking out a guy right near it and blowing a hole into the wall ... ever. Well, except for that one time at mini mart.