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By Steve Gibson, Jul 11, 2001 7:33am PDT Another one of those big game to movie screen days today. Final Fantasy the movie is showing up in theatres around the US today. The critics have of course already come out with their reviews which are about as glowing as always with these kind of things. I've never been much of a Final Fantasy player so I cant say I am really all that eager to check it out. Here are a bunch of screen grabs from the trailer I grabbed a while back. Here's some comparison of the critics:

The result is a ground-breaking achievement that could be recommended for its eye-popping visual prowess alone. Fortunately, these computerized thespians also engage the heart and mind."
[and another]
It's more than a little frustrating to be so stimulated visually while being spoon-fed incongruous spiritual mumbo jumbo and force-fed incompatible summer action conventions.

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  • this movie sucked. nuff said, don't watch it unless you want real dissappointment, it's nothing like what it should've been like .. i'm a major FF fan and i threw up at how cheezy, and utterly ill-accomplished the storyline was; i was wishing for leviathan odin shiva or even a moogle to pop in there, or sephiroth, nothing; dull characters and if you think a story cant get any more pubic .. think about it "errr lets find the spirits there's 8 of them, err we find them wipe out enemy"

    the spirits: a fucking leaf, sympathy from aki's bitch, and a phantom that would've killed that aki bitch ( who is FLAT AS HELL ANYWAY ) .. those are just 3, the whole STORY LINE WAS FUCKED UP .. you wont believe what happens in the end, they're searching for spirits but what happens when they get all 8? do you think they know? do you think they SHOULD atleast know? well go watch it and find out! ah ahahahah TEASE ah ahahah

  • Just got home from the theatre

    My Final Fantasy]b

    The animation was superb. Simply amazing. I have not seen better animation in any other cg movie. I especially liked the ships, the missiles, the weapons, and all other vehicles. There was so much detail in each scene that it overwhelms you. I sat there thinking how long it mustve taken them to make one single frame. However, the lip-movement could've been a little better IMO. Most of the time it seemed fine but some scenes were bad. Not terrible, just bad. Also, the characters were unable to show sadness and despair. They would be crying but they did not look sad if you just looked at their face.

    The music was alright. Nothing stood out except for the song during the credits.

    The story was good too. Some more complications and explanation would've been appreciated but overall it was a nice story with a good ending.

    Teh Point]b : Go watch it if you like computer animated films. It's the best of the best in that category. But don't expect an amazing story :)

    I can't wait to go watch it again :)

  • Reviews I've heard on this movie have been very mixed. Most critics have been very positive about the film, but a lot of regular Joes' reports ( have been negative. The biggest complaint is that the script blows. Crappy dialogue, sub-standard plot, and -- the cardinal sin of this movie -- no character development.

    Now in case you've never played any of the games past FF4 (released as 2 in the US), let me explain one trait which all the games in the series share. While the games' dialog has sometimes been mediocre (blame Squaresoft's jerkoff translation team) and the plots are convoluted at times, one thing that every FF game has succeeded in doing is making you care about the characters. Through backstories and personality, every character has a history and motives to their actions. Every player-character is three-dimentional, and if you're willing to immerse yourself in the world you can't help but become endeared to them.

    From what I've heard of this film, the characters are flat and lifeless. Facial expressions are almost non-existent; even when making a joke or getting angry, most characters seem to have the "default" expressions slapped on them like a plastic toy. Character backstories? Hell, we hardly get to learn each of their names. I've heard TONS of complaints that the main villian is appallingly two-dimentional -- no real motive for being a bad guy, just evil for evil's sake. Even Kefka (FF's most similar villian) was in it for the power.

    Overall it seems like this movie just had the Final Fantasy name slapped on. It could have easily been released on its own without the FF name involvement and thus could have avoided all the comparisons to its parent franchise. Oh well, I'm sure most the shackers will see it in one form or another just for the mind-blowing CG effects. I know I will.