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By Steve Gibson, Jul 07, 2001 8:10am PDT A demo of ION Storm's RPG Anachronox has been released and is available on the Eidos FTP. There's a mirror available at 3D Gamers. It's pretty hefty demo at 92.3mb. As of yet there's no word on the content of the demo. update: Carried this story over to the morning and here is a list of mirrors that will (hopefully) grow a bit. Some people have been grabbing corrupted files so you may wish to check the comments first to see who got a good copy from where:

- Eidos FTP
- 3DGamers
- FilePlanet
- Gaming Elite

For people who have a habit of never actually looking at a game until the demo comes out, here's a bunch of screenshots.

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  • I've played the full game a little now, and I love it. Only a few things that I dislike, but they're relatively small. First of all, the interface. I wish they'd used the same type of controls as in Ultima: Ascencion - combined movement and mouselook in one. Also, I miss a slider which lets you adjust the mouse sensitivity of the cursor in the menus. And, lastly. Loading. If the game has a bad point, it's this. Why do we in 2001 still have to sit through a 'Loading' screen? Ten years ago console games didn't have the problem. And more recently, Soul Reaver didn't have loading, so it should be possible to do it in other 3D games too. Apart from that, the game is awesome and huge and I am continually impressed by the detail in the game.

    But please - to all game producers out there: Either make your levels HUGE (Like Thief, I don't recall any games that has bigger ones than that), make the load times small (max 5 seconds) or get rid of it altogether. Look at Messiah. VERY small areas that get progressively loaded. It isn't that impossible. And gamers would love you.

  • Finished it on my l337 56k about 2 hours ago, guess I kind of rushed right through it. But considering everyone is tossing their opinion out I might as well. First off this game isn't easy, which is quite apparent from the starting quest where you pretty much have no idea what's going down. I can be honest here and say I'm a retard and I spent the better part of an hour and a half looking for the last clue ... I think this is why so many people don't like it. It weeds out the idiots when they have to actually open their eyes instead of just "bind mouse1 +attack"...oh well. Ion Storm is apparently aware of how well their product is considering all the humor throughout. I thought it was pretty funny imaho, but then there's always the people that derive their only source of humor from somethingawful and this won't appeal to those type. The controls are incredible, I couldn't believe how smooth it was and everything and when I first saw the world skills I knew this was a keeper. Definitely gonna buy it. The combat is awesome and with moves called "NutSpark" you know the demo is just a tiny peek at the game. It's too bad Ion Storm is probably not gonna see that much success considering EVERYONE has to compare this game to Daikatana. Do we also compare Dangerous Dave to Quake 3? Come on, give them a chance. If you walked around for 5 seconds and said this game sucks you really don't know what you're missing. I am not sure how the full version will be all things considering it is kind of confusing and reading posts on other forums is just pure spam "HELP WHERE DO I GO NOW"...oh well. Personally I look forward to this as a wonderful single player game, at least until Morrowind comes out. :)
    Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and if you didn't, sorry the world doesn't revolve around you.

  • Well, I finally downloaded a working copy of the Demo. Here's a short but sweet synopsis.

    First off, I like the graphics. I can't see why a lot of people are crying over the "outdated" Q2 engine. I think they did a great job with what they used.

    The demo isn't much in the sound dept. There are no voice-overs like the real game, but I dig the ambient background music.

    The control ... umm ... nosir, I don't like it. You have to really play with the sensitivity settings to get one that's right for you. The control is probably the weakest part of the demo, IMO. I found myself getting stuck on corners, walls, buildings, etc.

    I'm going to screw around with it some more today and try to get deeper into the demo. It's looking like a very nice game (if I can get used to the control).