Holiday Speculation

Ok considering it'll probably be a not exactly eventful day today considering the holiday here in the US I figured we could speculate a little bit more about what's going to be announced at QuakeCon. Here are a few things to consider when trying to figure it out.

- Most likely a known id property. (SoD / Wolf / DOOM / Quake / Quest?)
- Most likely a contracted out job. I'd bet on Raven and/or possibly Nerve Software?
- Probably not a port. (Although ports may be announced)
- More than one annoucement.

I prodded the PR guy a little bit about my own suspicions and he responded with "I have said absolutely nothing. You would be speculating." I thought that was pretty cool. :) At any rate in addition to the announcement we'll also probably see some more DOOM stuff which I'll be on hand for and make available for you guys within a few minutes of it being revealed. (At least that is the plan! hah!)