Anachronox Demo Monday?

By Steve Gibson, Jun 30, 2001 3:19pm PDT Word in this little .plan update from Tom Hall at Ion Storm is that we may be seeing the Anachronox demo as soon as next week. Monday even?

We're in da middle of finishing demo stuff... Likely Monday before Eidos can test and approve it... so it's a-comin'... Once that's out, we'll take a well-earned vacation... then get back at it! BTW, thanks for all the nice comments on the forums. Hope we've been helpful with our answers! We love the Anachronox universe, so we want to help folks anyway we can. :)

Gonna pick up a copy when I get back home.. how has everyone who got the game been enjoying it so far?

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  • This game is awesome. Having only played FFVII and not Chrono Trigger, I find it's very similar to FF but much better written re: dialogue and a sense of humor. The scripting work that went into the camera is phenomenal, allowing for some extremely fluid and cinematic effects.
    The game is NOT ugly, no matter what anyone says and agreeing with another comment I read on shack yesterday, the 'feel' and look of the game bring the word 'beautiful' to mind. The look is executed MUCH better than anything else I've seen in a while on ANY engine. Rather than failing miserably at trying to be photo-realistic like most games, it's got a very pleasing and distinct visual style, and so far there seems to be plenty of substance in the story and gameplay.
    (note to Wunder: read the readme to figure out how to change to alternate resolutions - haven't you ever made a quake cfg? yeesh.. )
    If you don't forget it's the Quake2 engine within your first hour than you care about you are LOOKING too hard for reasons to dislike the game.
    Anyways, I'm ecstatic with this - FFVII bored me like crazy - never finished it. Too ponderous, no humor, characters only in that sort of vague anime style.
    Anachronox is very cool.