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By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 28, 2001 4:07pm PDT To follow up on the stories yesterday (here and here) about Anachronox and Windows 2000 compabitility, ION Storm programmer Brian Eiserloh updated his .plan file again saying the bug has been caught but it turns out all OSs will benefit from the fix.

QA is beating on the patch now. It takes them a while to do a complete playthrough. The instability was being caused by an extremely subtle and devious buffer overrun in the filesystem code. Win2k tends to be more sensitive about this, which is why the bug was more apparent on that OS. This means users of ALL OSes should download the 1.01 patch when it becomes available (probably no sooner than friday night):

Also updating his .plan is Jake Hughes who says the team is trying to ready a demo for release tomorrow, for those wanting to try before buying.

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  • You know, actually, public response to this game has been pretty good already. Deus Ex took a HUGE amount of crap more than this one's getting, and look at how that one fared (although that was admittedly about a month after Daikatana was released to a flame orgy). Aside from Goat Whore and a few of his/her ilk (and that weird racist guy at VoodooExtreme), there's been hardly any Anox-bashing, comparatively. And once the demo's out and people can see it live on their GeForces or whatever, the flaming should fall drastically (judging from the taste I had of it). I've already seen it accrue more than its share of diehard fanatics, and they don't seem like mindless fanboys. Although those are far more congenial than the mindless trolls, so I'll take those too.