D2 Expansion Briefly

Well I got a hold of the Diablo2 expansion pack yesterday afternoon and thought I'd share my quick impressions after playing through the entire act on Nightmare mode with a level 40's Paladin in a party of 6. I thought it was pretty darn cool but not really worth the $39.99 that it's selling for in most stores. All of the tweaks to the interface and options that were added were all very welcome and made the game feel even more polished but after all that hype the guys in my party and I all agreed as nice as everything was there just wasnt enough of it. If you enjoy Diablo2 and have some cash to burn that you arent attached to then get it. It felt to me like the Blizzard guys just tossed in a bunch of big bonus rewards in to the act that werent really deserved or as difficult to gain as say the imbue quest in Act1. How do I know I didnt totally love it? I'm sitting here writing about it this morning instead of playing it. A brief expansion pack gets a brief review. :) What do you think? Does this bother you?