McGee's New Company

Well Rounded Entertainment has learned of the creation of a new company by American McGee. McGee, who worked at id Software and more recently worked on the Rogue/EA game Alice, is starting a company called Carbon Entertainment. He'll do this along with ex id employee Dave Taylor who was working at Transmeta. So what's supposed to be so special about this company?

The philosophy behind Carbon 6 will be to create works that are friendly to more than just one medium. In other words, games and movies will be developed simultaneously, with specific attention being paid to concept art, scripting, design, modeling, animation, motion capture, voice talent, acting, direction and full motion video. Film scripts and game design will be concurant, which McGee says he hopes will result in a cohesive product that creates better movies than, say, Mario Brothers and better games than South Park. ....

The report also mentions that McGee himself will be directing and producing movies himself soon thanks to a studio deal at Miramax. He also hopes to strike a deal that will have him direct TV commercials and music videos. Work also continues on the Alice movie.