UT Strike Force 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the Strike Force mod for Unreal Tournament has been released. This release puts the big in big ass, because it's a 255mb download. There is a Windows, Linux and Mac version. So what is new that makes it 255mb?

- New real-life weapons and equipment: Beretta M92, Glock 18, Benelli M3, Benelli M1, HK MP5-Navy, HK MP5K, Mac-10, HK G36K, Colt M4A1, Remington M40A1, Claymore Mines, Knives and Nightvision goggles: over 22 in all!
- Updated weapon models for the Frag Grenade, Flash Bang and Kalashnikov AK-47
- 3 additional game modes: Hostage Rescue, Escape and Deathmatch
- 48 brand-new maps from our award-winning team of mappers for all game types
- New original player models and skins for both the Strike Force and Terrorist teams
- Realistic new gameplay features, including prone position, scope wobble, encumbrance and more
- Improved online code to reduce lag and improve speed
- New code specific features to prevent online cheating
- New animations for both first and third person including prone, firing animations and aiming!
- A customizable HUD and new character selection interface
- New art by professional artist Jay Faircloth and new music by professional musician Tim Jenssens