More Q3: Urban Terror Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, May 29, 2001 7:04am PDT

The Urban Terror guys have released some more screenshots from their upcoming Quake3 realism mod, which will hopefully revive the interest in Q3 again. The screenshots today show some more blood and smoke effects. Besides these screenshots, the UT site was also updated with the news that on May 31 there will be a Q&A session with some of the guys behind the mod. That chat session will start at 6pm PST (Evening Reading time!) in #itg on

If you missed them, here are yesterday's screenshots.

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  • I think everyone is putting too much emphasis on visual eye candy than palyability and the overall "fun" factor.

    The guys that have been working on this mod (from what I know) have come out of the ActionQuake2 community. That being the case, this is probably nothing like CS!

    Give the mod a chance! Hell, I still play ActionQuake2 religiously, and it's no where NEAR the visual quality of this and it's on a 3 year old engine. But game for game, there's nothing else like it! If someone can reproduce that kind of playability on the Q3 engine, I'm all over it!

    Once players see that a mod is fun, then the refined maps and awesome skins will start to show up! If you guys think CS looked awesome in it's early betas, you're on crack! Hell, it was barely playable and the maps suxed! But the community is what put it where it is today.

    I just can't wait to see if someone will attempt an Action style mod on the Serious Sam engine!