Tabula Rasa unveiled

By Sander Pilon, May 20, 2001 10:47am PDT Gamespot had the scoop of Gariott's new game - Tabula Rasa.
... Tabula Rasa will apparently feature several unique aspects in its design-- not the least of which will be the fact that getting a copy of Tabula Rasa won't cost you a cent. (ed- Hurray 1!)

That doesn't mean you'll just be able to walk into your local computer store and walk out with a copy; Tabula Rasa won't be distributed in boxes, but purely in digital form. (ed- Hurray2!) ...

The game will not have a medieval swords-and-sorcery setting, nor will it be a science fiction epic. Garriott didn't explicitly state what it actually would be. (ed- Hurray 3!)

Ok - I know Ultima 9 was "a dissapointment", but have a little faith. A lot of that was because of the poor technical implementation. This Tabula Rasa thing starts off with what seem to be very good idea's, and I for one think that with the proper team to back it up this game could be very good. It'll be 2.5 years before we'll find out though - because that's the planned development time. (Read lots more @ Gamespot)

Update: Whoah... looks like this will be a rich man's game. Richard Gariott was recently interviewed and stated the following:

One of the biggest mistakes Starr and I made with Ultima Online was only charging $10 per month, "(NCSoft) started in Korea at $30 with no resistance. We think we could have asked a lot more.... "Tabula Rosa is going to be at least $15 - maybe $20." (ed- Boooooo!)
$240 a year to play a MMORPG. That's a whole lot of money. I sure as hell aint paying that, no matter how good the game. Blame disembodied potato for any mistakes, because he sent the quote to me.

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  • Why did they announce this now if it's not gonna be ready for 2.5 years?

    Valve did that with TF2... announced it was gonna be a seperate retail game, before they started work on it. That was like 2 - 2.5 years ago... they havn't been hyping it for 1.5 - 2 years.. but people are still jaded... calling it vaporware or worse (daikatana'd!)...

    TF2's had a normal length dev cycle, particularly since it's a large scale multiplayer game requiring extensive play testing / game balancing. However, it seems much longer since people have been waiting 2.5 years for it...

    So with this game, I'll nod, say "sounds intriuging" and then promptly forget about it.