Duke Nukem Video Tonight

By Jack Mathews, May 16, 2001 9:45pm PDT

Scott Alden from 3DR just phoned me to let me know that they will be providing the high quality Duke Nukem Forever movie to webmasters tonight instead of tomorrow because of the low quality video that CNN decided to put out. Check the comments for links, I can't get onto the shack server from here to put the video up. If I can stay awake much longer, I'll update this story with mirrors. Here's everyone's favorite rock-star programmer Scott making a post on Shack saying what I just said :-) update Steve: Just got online, I'll make sure and get things done. Everyone thank Jack! :)

update Maarten: Steve and I have created this high quality movie for you guys while you wait. Enjoy! update2 Maarten: Ok guys you can stop reloading. We just talked to Joe Siegler and 3DR is still planning for the release tomorrow morning at the start of the show.

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