Team Arena Map Pack 2

Another official Team Arena Map Pack has been released and is available on the id Software FTP. It's a 17.4mb download and contains the following (taken from Paul Jaquays .plan update)

As before, this id-approved map pack contains the work of four mappers from the on-line gaming community. This time, three are conversions of previously released Quake III Arena Capture the Flag maps (Dynatron by Ned Man, Courtyard Conundrum by Casey of Threewave, and Smear Campaign by riscchip). The fourth map (PYRmageddon)is an original map, created for Quake III: Team Arena. These maps have be modified and updated to work with the four Team Arena game types: Capture the Flag, One Flag CTF, Overload, and Harvester.

Mirrors of the file can be found and Blues News. Sorry for the delay in getting this post up, issues with the box.