Tribes2 Expansion Announced

By Maarten Goldstein, May 01, 2001 6:44am PDT TribalWar has copied the FAQ section from the monthly Tribes2 newsletter, which has news on a Tribes2 expansion pack that's already in the works. This was previously only hinted at.

Q: Are you guys working on an Expansion Pack for Tribes 2 or starting Tribes 3?
A: We have already begun design work on an expansion pack for T2. Exactly what will be in the expansion pack is still in flux but we'll certainly include a new vehicle, new maps and missions, and basically broaden the depth of T2.

The FAQ also mentions a demo of the game is coming soon.

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  • I'm so glad you id fanboy wankers stay here and bitch about Tribes 2 rather than ruining the game for others. Most of you pussies don't even own the game, which is very easy to tell when you are talking out your ass. T2 is VERY playable, if you can't run it on your moms Dell then don't bitch to me. If you are having Voodoo problems, you deserve it for buying 3dfx.

    If you can't run T2 then how in the hell are you going to run the new Doom? Carmack has a full on hard on for the Geforce 3, and you think your voodoo is not going to have problems?

    Get a real machine then come to Tribes 2 and populate it with your newbies self.