Word has gotten out from Sierra that TRIBES2 is in serious talks for making its way to the Playstation2 console machine. Sony is expected to be announcing a lot of their online plans for the console at the upcoming E3 event next month. TRIBES2 of course focuses on multiplayer so we may get a glimpse of things at the show next month. The release date for TRIBES2 on the PS2 is being listed online for October of this year although the deal hasnt been inked yet so it must be close to being a done deal if Sony is already giving estimated release dates to distributors. Honestly though I'm still having a hard time imagining playing a FPS deathmatch game on a console without good controls. Playing single player titles where you can move at your own pace like Goldeneye is one thing, but deathmatch online? Hmm... Anyone ever played Quake3 online with a Dreamcast? When using the keyboard and mouse for the DC is was pretty cool but will Sony be expecting everyone picking up TRIBES2 for their system to be getting a new controller to boot?