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By Steve Gibson, Sep 01, 1999 2:46am PDT It looks like DukeNukem4Ever is in fact still in development. The almost always silent 3DRealms guys made a chirp last night with George Broussard making a post to the 3DR BBS talking about software mode in Duke4. Check it:

I wouldn't be surprised to see Software go away in DNF. It's a real hassle to add things that look cool in hardware then have to deal with the software version ramifications of that. We had decided to go hardware only way back in the early days with Prey, so it woulnd't be outside the realm of possibility that we go hardware with Duke.
The bottom line is that is software looks "ok" and won't cost us weeks of extra development time to keep it current with the hardware version, it can stay. But as of right now, we've all but abandonned software mode and have the attitude that hardware is the priority.
The reality is that no system ships now without a 3D accelerator. Added to that will be a flood of Voodoo 2 level cards on the market as new hardware ships. And once everyone can have 3D acceleration for under $100, it becomes the same issue as a sound card. Just go buy one.
George Broussard

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  • 12: High poly counts and large open areas are not the same thing. Unreal is a beautiful engine, but it\'s poly counts ARE kinda low.

    Comparing Q2 and Unreal engines doesn\'t really make sense. Both of the guys who programed them will tell you that they were designed to do different things. The Q2 engine was designed for, well, Q2. It was a big deal what with OpenGL and everything, and it\'s fast. The Unreal engine is such a hog because they had to make some design decisions, and they wanted big open areas and stuff like that. You can compare it to Descent3 having and indoor and outdoor engine I *guess*.

  • #11 low poly counts when compared to what? Q2 could not handle large areas like unreal. And that is one of the main reasons DNF switch to the Unreal engine I believe. The quake engine is for making \"rat in a maze\" type games.
    And if you ever tried your hand at Q2 Halflife map making (or any Q2 based game) you will know that bsp\'ing a map is a bitch. This is CPU intensive procces takes hours and hours to vis and bsp a medium sized map; a map as large as some of the Unreal maps we\'ve seen would take days to render. (I have a p2400 BTW)

    Unreal maps do not use this proccess. Unreal maps only take a few seconds to go from the map editor -> playing your map in the actual game. I have never heard of his unreal \"low-poly\" count thing before, and have never personaly run into that problem.
    And the best part is the Unreal textures and lighting STILL look better than any Q2 based game.
    And Unreals Fractal Textures....ummm soo sweet.

    No doubt DNF will use all the features of the Unreal engine + push it even futhur, and we will get a kick ass game.

    Don\'t get me wrong, I still love playing all the quake games. But since you brought up map limitations, I thought I should say something.

    Sorry if you still don\'t understand my point, but I guess you may need some mapping experiance to understand what I\'m trying to explain.