Impressing Sweeney

by Maarten Goldstein, Feb 17, 2001 7:42am PST
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Voodoo Extreme asked Tim Sweeney if ever gets impressed by new technolog of products. He lists the NV20, MacOS X and the Xbox. Be sure to check the site of course for his explanations.


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  • No matter what Steve Jobs says, I don't want to be able to lick my OS. OS X is really nice with a lot of technical innovations and state-of-the-art technology but the interface (the shell) is gaudy looking now instead of the elegant feel that the mac used to have. (I sometimes joke that OS X is Unix with a candy coating). If it is ever released for the x86 platform I hope that they will either tone the gaudyiness down a bit or that maybe some will make a new shell (like Litestep is Windows for example).

    Microsoft is really deluding itself if they think that anyone will buy their subscriptionware...of course they're already kind of doing that anyways in a sense because everyone upgrades their OS every two years. The window skinning features of Whistler are pretty cool though, it's like having Window Blinds features built into the standard windows theme. Kind of an ugly default skin but I'm sure that you'll get the idea:

    If you haven't seen this one already it's also pretty cool. A video of Microsoft's research into 3D interfaces and an actual working 3D interface demo. (posted a while back I think) Be warned though, it's a 70 meg video for those of you without a phat pipe.

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    I'd pretty much agree with Sweeney about the x-box. It certainly does seem like they have their act together on this one. I guess that we'll find out for sure when the x-box finally ships.