Duke It Out in Quake

The Duke it out in Quake site has officially launched and they are showing one of the latest Duke Nukem 3D levels they converted to Quake3. It's level 1 from episode 1, Hollywood Holocaust and judging by the screenshots it's a pretty good conversion. They already converted several other levels, which can be downloaded here.

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You gotta wonder what the 3DR crew thinks of this though.
update: Well, this is what they think. George Broussard posted this comment

I commend the guys on their being fans, but they really can't do this. People really should know better and it really pains to have to write emails to hard working teams that picked the wrong idea.
But the level designs and the textures are all copyrighted works and you really can't go around re-creating them - even for funm or even for free.
It's the same reason you don't see Doom 1 redone in Quake 3. As much as we'd all like to see it - it's just not allowed.