Ultimate MGSolid 2 Trailer

By Steve Gibson, Jan 24, 2001 7:01am PST

DailyRadar has managed to get some new video footage of gameplay from Metal Gear Solid2 which was spooge-a-rific at E3 last year. The new video is a wacked out 101 megs to download, but worth it if you have the means. They call it 'the Ultimate Trailer'

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  • for those wondering if it's worth the time:

    it's mostly the long e3 trailer (the one of all the footage on the ship) with the bridge trailer at the beginning. it's in japanese with no subtitles. decent res, good sound. there is additional footage thrown in the whole time. it's like the first trailer that came out was an edited version of this one, as was the bridge trailer. pretty much every scene is a little longer. from what i can tell of the additional footage, they seemed to edit a good portion of the more violent scenes out of the first trailers.

    there are only a few parts i remember seeing in the previous trailers that aren't present here. two of them were the "post credit" segments, one where snake is sneaking behinda formation of troops, then sneezing, getting them to all jump in unison (but some parts of this scene are in other parts of the trailer), and the one where one guard kicks another that is sleeping because snake darted him earlier. another part that's missing is the segment where snake is hiding in a locker as troops inspect the room and one jumps at a bump snake makes. the last i remember is the part that showcased the guards' sidestepping animations as they looked for snake in an enclosed area.

    with original post credit segments gone, the new one shows snake running around in a cardboard box while guards chase him. at the end, there's blood all around the area, and the box fragments fall apart around snake.

    all in all, still cool as ever. worth it completely.