DNF Screenshot Controversy

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 19, 2001 11:57am PST Been getting emails about this story on The Register throughout the day, where they report that during a recent PlanetCrap thread (the story on The Register was submitted by PC's Andy Smith) George Broussard from 3D Realms announced they would stop unofficial print game guides and wouldn't allow reviewers to use their own screenshots once the game is released (whenever that might be, heh). While going after unauthorized game guides isn't that strange perhaps, the quotes about the screenshots were mostly taken out of context, as an observant PlanetCrap reader wrote

Just a reminder what George actually said, for those too busy to read back:

"You can write whatever the hell you want. Go for it. Slam whatever. But I don't want you taking shots of floors or walls or something stupid and hurting the image of the game with your bad shot taking abilities... We're talking hypothetically here. We all agree that most web reviews post too many shots and usually bad shots. I don't see why they can't use the provided shots (it's been done that way for years in the past). The easiest solution is to prevent shots in the initial release. Sure you can bypass it, but most people probably wouldn't bother. And even things like HyperSnap can be prevented, if you wanna bother. Guess the question is "what do you do when web sites don't respect your wishes?". Don't know....yet."

In the Register, that came out as Broussard "announced plans" to block the use of non-authorized screenshots in web reviews. Pretty dodgy, Andy.


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  • This is so unbelievably stupid it's just not funny any more. If people want to take screenshots of the game and plaster them across reviews or whatever on their websites, then they should be allowed to.

    Exactly how do lots of pointless screenshots (of floors and walls or whatever) make the game look bad? Sure, everybody thinks GameSpot are going slightly over the top when they post 1,214 new screenshots of Tomb Raider 19 or A.N. Other game they're pimping that day - but I don't think it's done any game any harm.

    Tribes 2 has had more screenshots of it released than there are lines of HTML on the web, but has anybody actually said "that's it, I'm not buying this game, I'm fed up seeing all these damn screenshots of the ground.".

    What's even more crazy is that George has said people can write whatever they want (of course, thanks to freedom of speech and all that) to slam the game, but that he's more worried about bad screenshots?!? Ok. Reality Distortion Field warning. I can see it now, Johnny reads glowing review of DNF. Is all ready to buy it when suddenly at the bottom of the review there's a screenshot of a wall, so he goes and buys something else instead.

    Grow up George. Make your game. If it's as good as you say it is, you shouldn't be worrying about people posting screenshots of it. However badly taken they might be.

    All publicity is good publicity as they say.