Rune Map & Addon

The official Rune website has posted another extra multiplayer map for Rune, called DM-DeepUnder. It can be played as a real deathmatch level, or in a mode where players kill monsters and earn powerups. Also, there is a message for the Rune fans in which Tim Gerritsen of Human Head Studios says they are fully dedicated to supporting the game, and also mentions they will be working on a multiplayer focused add-on pack for the game

The really big news however, is that we have finally gotten approval from Gathering of Developers on a Rune Add-On pack,. I can't release a lot of details at the moment, but the Add-On pack will be multiplayer focused only, and will include some new modes and maps for the Rune community that we have created ourselves, as well as a couple of new multiplayer characters (including, finally, a really good female character or two). The pack will be out in spring of 2001,, and we hope to release details soon. It will be a commercial add-on, but at a reasonable price available in all outlets.