Oni Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 17, 2000 12:17pm PST

The Avault has a demo of Bungie's anime-inspired 3rd person action game Oni. It's a 67mb download but that is all the info that's on the page. Thanks Blues News.

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  • QUICKIEreview :::: Oni

    Just played the training, first and almost all of the airplane mission. Oni is pretty damn cool, and i'd say its the best 3rd person game out this year (at least according to demos). It is chock full o' cool stuff.

    The fighting system is EASILY the best i've seen on a pc game. Imagine Metal Gear Solid combined with Streetfighter. Everything is simple to use in the system too. the movement keys (W+A+S+D) are combined with the 2 mouse buttons to create combo's, throws, punches, and kicks. A cool feature is the colored bursts that are shown when you hit someone, like in Tekken. The color goes from yellow to red, and is basically an enemy health bar.

    Weapons are cool. Most that i have seen in the demo have been used someplace before. There is the standard 10 shot pistol, Sub-machine gun (30 shots), Plasma Gun, and a gun that acts like a shotgun/missle launcher with slow moving buckshot/missle thingys that explode on impact. There isnt autoaiming (THANK JEEBUS!) so you have to use m4d sk1llz in order to hit people with the weapons. Leading is used with the plasma gun and the missle launcher thing. A problem with the weapons is that you generally have to drop them because of i usually drop a weapon if it doesnt have a full clip in it. Also, you can only carry one weapon at a time, which sucks.

    The graphics are just ok. no real WOW factor in them. To get an idea of what they look like, Half-Life is a pretty good example. I found the NPC models to be just ok, and they look like they were from a game at least a year old. Skins and textures are not very detailed, and looking at other games, they could really have used an upgrade.

    Sound is great with clear and crisp sounds. The shouts, grunts, thuds, and gun effects are strong and sound great.

    But gameplay and story line is where this game shines. When you load it up, you immediatly are greeted by a pretty high quality anime cutscene/intro. There isnt much revealed about the story line in the demo except that Konoko (the main character with the purple hair) may be more than what she thinks. Be prepared to do some more difficult scenes in this game multple times as it utilizes the annoying console like save system.

    Overall, this game is on track for a game-of-the-year award just because of its sheer fun factor. There isnt any multiplayer in the demo, and im not sure if there is one in the full version. As compared to the other 3rd person games out there (Rune, Alice, and FAKK2, not including giants [a hybrid of practically everything]) i think its the best one of the bunch. Better story, better fighting, better gameplay all make it the top of the list.

    The numbers are as follows.

    Gameplay : 9
    Graphics : 7
    Sound : 9
    Fun Factor : 10
    Tilt : 10
    TOTAL : 9

    NOTES: Anyone else notice of the 3rd person games, all of them except Rune have main female leads? Oh, and there are NO JUMPING PUZZLES :D

  • This game can be pretty damn funny some times too. One time I saw one of the enemies pick up my character and pile drive her (no fucking kidding, head between the legs jump up in the air and then WHAM) well it was fucking funny I had coke coming out of my nose. Whenever you are outnumbered and getting killed the enemies will do hilarious stuff like that to finish you off.

    And it's fun to torture the innocent people in the airport (after they've given you the help of course)

    Also the graphics are growing on me...I'm starting to realize theyÂ’re supposed to look like anime and not realistic...Which I think they did well, they have a certain style to them...and besides a lot of the visual effects and player models look really good.