E3 2018: Ubisoft's Richard Carrillo Talks Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Looking for your newest toys-to-life game? Tired of Skylanders? We might have the next best thing for you, straight out of E3 2018.

Richard Carrillo, game director on Starlink: Battle for Atlas was on hand to chat with Shacknews about the upcoming open-world action game, which will also be including Star Fox as a specialized character you can pick up soon.

Starlink is a toys-to-life game that the company felt needed "big innovations," such as the modular starship mounted directly on the controller.

"There are seven different planets in the Atlas star system," explained Carrillo. "Beyond those seven planets, you have the giant space in between. We have a lot of content and a lot of exciting things."

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this year, though there isn't a concrete release date just yet. Star Fox will only be available on the Switch version.

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