Google Assistant Learned How To Shoot A Gun, And We're A Little Concerned

Google Assistant may have just joined Skynet, everyone. Stay calm. Don't panic. Wait -- a human is actually responsible for this turn of events, weirdly enough. Google Assistant has been taught to fire a gun. Don't panic just yet though, because it looks like an artist actually taught it how. Why? I guess that qualifies as art.

Artist Alexander Reben took it upon himself to teach his Assistant how to fire a gun. He didn't have it aim at any humans, thankfully, but it's still pretty creepy -- it fires at an apple instead. You can see the video below, where Reben says "OK Google, activate gun," and the gun fires. Bam! The Assistant fires the gun obediently. It's not as scary as it sounds, but it's got some pretty disconcerting implications.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to be keeping my distance from Google Assistant in the future (not that I use mine at all). Alexa's a lot friendlier, even if she's not so great at controlling my TV and lights in the house sometimes and gets confused. I can say at the very least she's never fired a gun.

Still, this is a very interesting project that gives us a little bit of insight into how the robo-apocalypse could very well begin. I'm going to be prepared for when the machines take over. How 'bout you? 

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