Saturday Night Live Comes to Twitch For 16-Hour Digital Marathon

You already hit up Twitch for gaming, cooking, art streams, and other fun stuff. Now you can add comedy to that list, as Twitch and NBC have announced its first-ever digital marathon of new and old Saturday Night Live sketches.

There's a chunk of 16 hours of SNL's all-time popular sketches coming to the streaming platform that'll play out over the span of 48 hours. It'll be available worldwide, beginning May 17 at 6:00 PM ET at Twitch.tv/TwitchPresents. The marathon will be ending a few hours ahead of the season 43 finale episode of SNL on May 19, which you can check out on NBC at 11:30 PM ET, as Tina Fey hosts and Nicki Minaj performs as the musical guest.

Interestingly enough, there'll be several sketches pulled from when Drake was on SNL, so if you remember the big Ninja/Drake blow-up with Fortnite, that's probably why these scenes are being injected.

This isn't the first marathon that Twitch has ran, of course, but it's the first block of programming that was dedicated to comedy sketches. Twitch creators will be able to co-stream the marathon as well if interested, so they'll be able to inject their own commentary for their audiences.

If you're a big SNL fan or just want a sampling of some of the best the show has to offer, from the beginning all the way through modern episodes, you'll definitely want to check in and hang out for the stream marathon.

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