How to Get the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2

Nothing gets a Guardian’s blood pumping in Destiny 2 like a good exotic quest, so long as the exotic at the end is worth the effort. The Sleeper Simulant, an exotic linear fusion rifle was a beast in the right hands in the original Destiny, and it looks like it will be similarly as powerful in Destiny 2. Question is, how can Guardians get the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2?

Sleeper Simulant Quest

Players will need to finish the main Warmind campaign in Destiny 2 as the first pre-requisite to beginning their quest for the Sleeper Simulant. Upon completion, a world quest called Data Recovery will become available, with its two missions, Legacy Code and A Piece of the Past, needing completion. Finishing these two missions will get players the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 legendary hand cannon.

Ana Bray will then provide Guardians with the first of a series of quest steps that will lead to the Sleeper Simulant. The road doesn’t seem long at first glance, but the difficulty will be ramped up considerably in comparison to other exotic quests from the past.

Note: Read the instructions of each quest step carefully. Having an IKELOS weapon equipped is not the same as using one. Equip the weapon, but then complete the steps using any weapon that meets the remaining criteria.

Violent Intel Quest Step

  • Hive Defeated
  • Cabal Defeated

The first quest step isn’t as tough as it sounds. First, Hellas Basin covers a gigantic area on Mars. Both fast travel points are in the Hellas Basin, so really this is just about doing patrols, public events, and lost sectors. Just make sure when loading into a new area it indicates it’s within Hellas Basin. As for the enemy killing, the Cabal must be precision shots. I loaded into the Ma’Adim Subterrane lost sector to do this. Three runs should be enough. For the Hive, a single Escalation Protocol run could do, and the kills do not have to be precision to count. Remember, an IKELOS weapon must be equipped, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the weapon to do the killing.

Rasputin’s Culling Quest Step

  • Powerful Enemies Defeated

This quest step is far easier than that last. It can be done in any location, so feel free to leave Mars to get it done. I went to Earth and ran through a few Glimmer Extraction heroic public events, using Curtain Call rocket launcher to blast yellow-bar Fallen to bits. Three Glimmer Extraction heroic public events should be more than enough to finish this step.

Warmind’s Glory Quest Step

  • Heroic Strikes Completed

This is a straightforward step but it’s not going to be terribly fun. Heroic strikes are currently set at 350 Power, but probably won’t drop gear at or above that level, so this is a grind. Bring up the in-game Director and choose the heroic strike playlist, then get to work finishing five of them. Again, an IKELOS weapon must be equipped into one of the three weapon slots, but it doesn’t have to be used. It would also probably work to play through a heroic strike with any weapons, equipping an IKELOS weapon just before killing the boss and completing the strike, although I’m speculating, and that trick could backfire.

Nodes and Protocols Quest Step

  • Escalation Protocol Levels
  • Sleeper Nodes Accessed

This will be the hardest and longest quest step of them all by miles. Escalation Protocol is the hardest activity in the game right now. Personally, I’ve cleared the first wave one time, came nowhere near clearing the second, and this step will require three to be finished. Complete the weekly milestones to get more Power. The Sleeper Nodes aren’t as tough, but they will require that 60 Resonate Stem consumables be acquired, then the Sleeper Nodes themselves must be located and looted. Both steps will require an IKELOS weapon to be equipped, although that doesn’t mean it must be used.

Perfect Form Quest Step

  • Complete the Will of the Thousands Mission

The final step in the quest will be to complete the last mission of the Warmind DLC, Will of the Thousands, while having an IKELOS weapon equipped. This mission will require 360 Power, which is 10 points higher than a heroic strike. In other words, it will be quite difficult for Guardians that aren’t at or near 360 Power, so consider gaining some additional levels before attempting. Once it’s complete, though, the Sleeper Simulant will be awarded at a higher Power level, helping Guardians move up in the world.

Now that the steps and process behind getting the Sleeper Simulant are known, be sure to browse all our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help with everything Guardian related.