In The Fortnite/Avengers Mashup, All Must Be Balanced...Including Nerfed Thanos

It was only yesterday when Fortnite players were grabbing the Infinity Gauntlet, becoming Thanos, and destroying the competition with ease in the Fortnite/Avengers: Infinity War limited time mashup. In an overnight hotfix, Fortnite developers reduced Thanos's powers a bit.

Epic Games addressed the changes on Reddit, revealed that his Shield cap has been decreased from 300 to 200, health increased from 700 to 800, and laser damage was decreased from 15 to 12. Credit to Reddit user SuddenCurve for the comment that inspired the headline for this post.

Even though having an OP Thanos running over enemy players fits the tone of the box office smash hit Infinity War, it's good to see Epic Game balance the limited time event out a bit so players still enjoy themselves. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates and read up on Fortnite's latest patch.

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