School Worried About Fortnite Warns Parents About the Dangers of the Awesome Battle Royale Game

Fortnite Mania continues to sweep the world over and parents and teachers are taking notice. Not like parents joining Facebook and liking your status updates, but in a much more concerned way. One UK school went so far as to send kids home with a warning about Fortnite in their newsletter. Super Parent caught this story earlier today, and we wanted to alert our ShackDads and ShackMoms about the potential alleged dangers of Fortnite.

Check out this excerpt from the newsletter:

Source Super Parent.

Unhealthy increases in screen time? Shacknews has quite a bit of work experience in that realm. It is up to parents to really do their best to teach their kiddos about the balance between gaming and school. Fortnite on mobile certainly has thrown a wrench into the mix with the game now being more accessible than guns or crack in most schools. Adding to the mania is that the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is free-to-play. That is how dealers get you, kids; the first hit is always free. The UK school also makes the ridiculous claim that hackers are using Fortnite to hack into home computers.

What say you, ShackDads and ShackMoms? Are you worried that screen time is increasing due to Fortnite addiction or is this like any awesome game that takes over schools for their moment in the Sun? Perhaps Congress needs to have a hearing. We would love to see Nick Chester answer their questions about Fortnite Mania.

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