GDC 2018: Exclusive Rend Interview

Rend is an upcoming survival game from the folks at Frostkeep. Unlike most of the survival games crowding the early access PC games market, Rend takes a different approach and mixes in a healthy dose of fantasy elements into the formula. Players choose one of three factions and then work towards pushing that faction to victory against the others. You can choose how you serve the faction when you play, either through resource gathering or in direct combat. Shacknews editor Greg Burke got some one-on-one time with Frostkeep’s Jeremy Wood at GDC to find out how the game is progressing.

Wood goes over world size, the creatures you will encounter, and combat. Rend will offer a variety of mounts to help you traverse the giant world with ease. In addition to gameplay discussion, Wood also goes into depth on Frostkeep and the history of the development team.

Rend is expected to be available on Steam early access soon. To get more information, check out the Rend Steam store page.

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