Hearthstone Posts Full Card Reveal Schedule for The Witchwood

The Witchwood is the next expansion for Hearthstone, the first in the Year of the Raven. While Blizzard has already revealed a handful of cards, the full reveal of the expansion's 135 cards are set to be revealed in earnest starting next week.

Blizzard posted the full reveal schedule on the Hearthstone website. The outlets set to reveal cards include various news sites, YouTube creators, Twitch streamers, and... hang on a second... is that Shacknews on the schedule?

Yes, indeed, in addition to our regular card analyses, Shacknews will also have an exclusive reveal for The Witchwood. So be sure to visit the site on April 3 to find out what's behind the curtain.

Get ready for the first batch of Witchwood card reveals to hit on March 26 at 11AM PT on the Hearthstone Twitch channel, leading up to the expansion's release in mid-April.

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