Runner3 Reaches the Starting Line on Switch & PC in May

It's been a long time since players have strapped on CommanderVideo's sneakers, but the Choice Provisions mascot is ready to ride again. After some unforeseen delays caused the game to miss its 2017 launch window, Runner3 now has an official release date.

Choice Provisions announced on the Runner3 website that the auto-runner would arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch on May 22. The game continues to shoot for other platforms, but isn't quite ready to make the jump there just yet. The developer is planning to release more news about those versions of the game as it comes in.

The concept of Runner3 is largely the same as the first two BIT.TRIP Runner games. The idea is that CommanderVideo automatically runs across hazard-laden tracks, with players jumping, sliding, and otherwise avoiding obstacles to the beat of the music. While the first game featured retro-style pixel graphics, the second game went with a more modern aesthetic. This third game continues that jump into the modern art style, taking players across multiple new environments. Many familiar elements of the old Runner games will come back, including Mario voice Charles Martinet as the Runner3 narrator.

The digital version of Runner3 will run for $29.99, but a physical version is also hitting Nintendo with various physical goodies. This includes a full-color instruction booklet, the soundtrack on CD, and a light-up PVC character strap.

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