Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Teases Mario Crossover Content

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is nearly a month removed from its most recent update, which means Nintendo is looking ahead to what's next for the game. That something looks to be Pocket Camp's first major crossover event.

On Thursday, the Animal Crossing Twitter account revealed an image of items from the Mario universe. These items include a Super Mushroom, a Starman, a Koopa Troopa shell, a Piranha Plant, some bricks, and some fireballs.

There's no further indication of what this crossover will entail. Will Mario characters be coming over for a visit? Will campers be decorating their site with Mario-themed items? Will the crossover go the other way with Animal Crossing content hitting Super Mario Run?

Those answers will come soon. There's a possibility they'll come during Thursday's Nintendo Direct, but given that it's set to focus on Switch and 3DS games, don't get your hopes up too much.

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