Kirby Star Allies Gameplay Makes Friends to Fight Whispy Woods & King Dedede

Kirby's getting ready to make his debut on the Nintendo Switch in the next couple of weeks. Kirby won't be going it alone in the upcoming Kirby Star Allies. In this 2D platformer, players will be controlling Kirby, but also use the power of friendship to recruit a handful of foes to create a party of four, with his new buddies able to be controlled by the CPU or by other local players.

Shacknews has had a chance to try out Kirby Star Allies, but prior to our eventual review, we wanted to share a couple of videos. First off, there's the opening cutscene for the game's Story Mode, which sees a strange darkness fall upon Dream Land. We then check out some of the standard platforming action that the Kirby series has become recognized for, but with the twist of Kirby using his friendship powers to make new allies. And then there are the boss battles, as we go through the requisite Whispy Woods fight before facing off against King Dedede.

Kirby Star Allies is set to release on March 16 on Nintendo Switch.

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