PSVR Gets Stuck In Bullet Hell With Blasters of the Universe Launch

Blasters of the Universe, the shooter that brings bullet-hell to virtual reality, launches today on the PSVR. The exciting and vibrant shooter is holding at a “Very Positive” rating on Steam currently, so PlayStation users seem to be in for quite a treat.

“We’re huge fans of bullet hell and wanted to make a game that encapsulates its infamous mayhem and difficulty through modern VR,” said Josh Manricks, Technical Director and Project Lead at Secret Location, in a press release. “VR adds layers of challenge by making players use quick full-body reactions to survive the relentless barrage of enemies. It’s also a great way to hash out lingering resentment over bullies from the past – if anyone needs to be put in his place, it’s Grand Master Alwyn.”

For Blasters, you’ll need to the PSVR, which happens to be on sale currently, and a couple PlayStation Move controllers. With one, you’ll deflect projectiles and, with the other, you’ll shoot down your enemies. We’ll have a full review of Blasters of the Universe on PSVR in the near future.

Blasters of the Universe is available now on PSN for $19.99 but is getting a launch discount that will last up until March 7. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, the game can be had for $16.99.

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