3DPrinterSpencer's Xbox Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch Review: Great For Hamfists

Last month on the Shackcast, the official podcast of Shacknews, I mentioned how the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons hurt my hands after extended play sessions. I had the same problem with the Nintendo 3DSXL handheld until I bought comfort grips for it. Unfortunately, there are currently no official grip accessories for the Switch. Luckily, I stumbled upon Etsy store owner Spencer McGuire of 3DPrinterSpencer. He was selling some Xbox Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch that looked interesting, but I was not sure about making the $25 plunge. They were 3D printed and, without seeing them or holding them in person, I couldn't be sure if they would actually feel good.

Spencer was kind enough to send me a review unit, and I must say it has been a wonderful experience so far. The plastic is light and flexible, and the grips fit almost completely flush with my Nintendo Switch. My Switch is now easy to hold in hand held mode without my hands getting cramped. My hands are freakishly huge and I had been reluctant to play Switch undocked for months.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoyed comfort grips for the Nintendo 3DS family of products, or has gargantuan hands and experiences discomfort while holding the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Priced at $25, the Xbox Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch are the best solution for Nintendo Switch owners who's hands cramp up while playing the console undocked. Spencer McGuire also sells some other interesting Switch accessories on his store. Check out 3DPrinterSpencer on Etsy if you're in the market for some other 3D printed accessories.

This review is based on a unit provided by 3DPrinterSpencer.The Xbox Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch are available on Etsy, for $25.

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