De Blob Set To Make Nintendo Switch Debut This Year

One of the more surprising titles to land on the Nintendo Wii was de Blob, a cutesy and family-friendly platforming title from the team over at THQ Nordic that first released back in 2008. It wasn't a breakout success by any means, but that didn't stop the game from earning impressive acclaim from both fans and critics alike, which was likely the reason why THQ Nordic would eventually release a sequel called de Blob 2. Regardless of which game players picked up, de Blob was a particularly solid platformer, and according to the official Twitter account of THQ Nordic, players will be able to get a fresh taste of the action when de Blob releases for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Naturally, this news isn't entirely out of the blue — after all, THQ Nordic brought the first de Blob back to modern consoles last year, with a remastered version landing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The remastered Switch version will keep a lot of the game's recent improvements, including a higher general resolution and newer, more high-quality textures. The game itself will remain largely unchanged, and from where we're sitting, that's a good thing. Curious players can get a taste of the title by checking out the gameplay video we've featured below.

There are a few other details we know about the upcoming remaster of de Blob for the Nintendo Switch: the game will include the usual single-player campaign as well as eight different multiplayer gameplay modes, the likes of which look to support up to four players. We also know that the game will available both through retail stores as well as the Nintendo Switch eShop; beyond that, we're still waiting to hear specific details about the game's planned price and release date.

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