Dragon Ball FighterZ - How to Choose The Best Character Assists

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game all about bringing your best assets to a fight, whether that’s your own set of fighting skills or an awesome fighter to make you look good. That’s especially important with the title’s three on three battles, which essentially force you to choose the best characters to add to your own squad. It can, however, be difficult when it comes to picking out the best character that works with your chosen main. If you’re having difficulty making a decision, here are some good suggestions for excellent choices, no matter who you usually rely on to wipe the floor with your favorite Z Fighter.

The Best Assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ

While there are plenty of suggestions as to who you should choose for a great assist, unfortunately there isn’t just one flat-out best option here. You need to make your decisions based on your main fighters and everything you want to get out of your team. Here are some suggestions of the best assists you can find in the game, however, and what they might offer you.

Vegeta’s Aerial Consecutive Energy Blast

Vegeta’s already one of the more powerful fighters in the game, but he also has a powerful flurry of ki attacks that rain down from above when he comes in with his assist. No matter if it totally connects or if your opponent manages to block it, you can still see some usefulness out of it. If you do get a hit you can go into a combo, but if it’s blocked you still have an opening to rush into a mix-up to open up your opponent and combo again. It’s a win-win, either way.

Gotenks’ Galactic Donuts

Gotenks may be a little annoying, but he’s got one of the better assists out of all the characters in the game. The Galactic Donut lets Gotenks, combination of Gohan and Trunks, wrap a donut-shaped line of energy around your opponent, and if it hits, it’ll hold your opponent in place for a little while. That means you can just run up and totally beat the stuffing out of the trapped character to your liking. Short of paralysis, this is the best way to ensure all your attacks connect, and a simple move to pull off.

Kid Buu’s Ball Attack

Kid Buu’s assist is an interesting one, because it can be blocked and still be of use to you, as it can circle around your opponent a few times even if you don’t hit your enemy. This way you can keep whoever you’re fighting against in the same place and set up some decent offensive moves. Then you can line them up for a combo. Easy, righht?

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