Murderous Pursuits Gets A Reveal Trailer

There are plenty of games that let players use stealth and deception to murder their opponents, but not all of them have an air of class and sophistication. From what I can gather from Murderous Pursuits announcement trailer it looks like the type of game where players stab each other in the back with their pinkies out.

From the press release: “Are you ready for a Victorian-era murder mystery party? Say hello to Murderous Pursuits, the newest IP and multiplayer PC game from Blazing Griffin! It's due out in March and is a riot for fans of kill-or-be-killed stealth and deception games.”

Players will take on up to 8 of their friends in a game of cloak and dagger as they attempt to be the last killer standing. It reminds me of some of the multiplayer modes from previous Assassin’s Creeds that involved posing as an AI character to outsmart opponents mixed with a Murder on the Orient Express vibe. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at what can be expected when Murderous Pursuits launches later this year. 

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