Monster Hunter World - Where to Find Hornetaur Head, Shell, and Wing

As you progress further into the armor crafting in Monster Hunter World, you’re likely to come across materials you have no idea how to find, and one of them is probably going to be the Hornetaur Head, Hornetaur Shell and the Hornetaur Wing. These can be a bit fiddly to find, especially when they don’t drop from large monsters.

Where to Find Hornetaur Head, Hornetaur Shell and Hornetaur Wing

In order to get your hands on the Hornetaur Head, Shell, or Wing materials, you’re going to need to progress through the main story until you’ve unlocked the Rotten Vale. Once you reach the Rotten Vale, be on the lookout for grasshopper-like creatures that pounce on you at any chance they get. These are the Hornetaur creatures, and can be farmed for the materials you need.

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You can find a large collection of Hornetaurs in Area 3 of the Rotten Vale, directly outside the first campsite. It can be difficult to collect the Horneataur materials as they can easily explode into pieces, making them unable to be harvested. You may need to shoot them with your Slinger or only deal standard/light attacks so that their bodies remain on the ground.

The Hornetaur materials are required in the crafting of Hornetaur armor as well as some of the Odogaron armor pieces. If you haven’t yet managed to take it down, take a look at our guide on how to kill the Odogaron for some help.

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